Care for a preview?

- Peter's Preview to the 2018 Course - (pdf)


The Step-by-Step Course

It's Chock Full, and Step-by-Step

1. How to start up your business right way . . .

2. How to find judgments online and at the courthouse . . . 

3. How to get judgments into your name. - the right way.

4. How to screen out the crummy judgments, so you don't waste your time and money, only have the good ones. . .

5. How to enforce them - the 6 methods. . . 

6. The very best strategies for making good money . . .

7. More resources to make it all go much smoother.

8. Ongoing mentoring by me and others.


(Note: I send you the 1st 1/3  in a 3-ring binder, Priority Mail. Intermediate and advanced lessons and info by state I provide online at  

2. It's Got Actual On Going Mentoring by Me.

This is the real thing. No B.S. Our Mentoring Forum is organized by topics and state. Questions answered every day.  Great search features too, and you can ask our experienced people any question you like. (See my Testominals). It's truly the best instruction out there.

3. Tons of Templates

These's are things I've accumulated in my own business over 17 years. Really good stuff!

Want to know about your state?

Some states are better than others. Let me know whether you are, and I can better advise. Thanks. Peter

Want to know if a Course provider is really in the business?

Ask them for a 2018 Assignment of Judgment. (It's public record.)

Peter's Judgment Recovery Course

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