Tired of B.S.? There's a lot out there.

Q. Peter, you give out your personal phone. Can we really call you?

Peter:  Yes. 619.758.3552  I'm real, actually in the business and actually available to answer questions about the business in general, or your state in particular. (Not every state is right for this business.) I'm on NY time mostly these days, so please mind the hour. I actually like questions. 

Q. Is this business easy?

 Peter:  No business is easy. If you find an easy business, call me. Right away. Every business takes the time, energy, the right information and resources. And every business has it's frustrations. This one too. Please don't be led by glowing websites that tell you how easy it is. It's a profession. If you want a profession, then read on. 

Q. Can everyone be successful in this business?

 Peter: Yes, if you're in a good state, want to learn and want to work hard.

Q. I heard that the rules for this business are changing. Is that true?

Peter: No it's B.S.  I know of no state that has changed it's enforcement rules or is planning to. 

Q. I saw a webinar where a guy said I can do this business in any state. Is it true?

 Peter: No, it's B.S. Some states restrict this business, and some states are better than others for this business.  FL is not good for this business. Or TX, or NV, or MI, for example. Also VA. There are big restrictions in some of those states.

The good states are pretty much the rest. But call or email me for details if you like.  619.758.3552

Q. Is your course online?

Peter: I mail the first 1/3 to you, Priority Mail, 

plus a CD with tons of great templates.

The other 2/3 of the course I provide online - including 

the Intermediate and Advanced lessons, 

"Jump Starting Your Business," 

information on each state 

and my daily mentoring. 

Q. Why is your course the one I should get? (Tell the truth.)

Peter: You want somebody who's actually in the business. 

So, If you want to know if a course provider is really in the business, 

call them, ask for a recent court document they've filed. (It's public record.)

 What will you find? Test it out. You may be very surprised.

And, if you can't even call the person, what does that tell you?

I'm actually in the business. 

I know what it takes to be in the business the right way.

I don't B.S. you about the business being easy.

I teach this business every day on my Forum which you'll have access to.

I offer ongoing lessons - free. (Yes, really.)

75% of people who get my course and support already spent money 

on another course, and need more help. (I offer them a discount)

And, you can call me with questions. No problem. 


Or, see a cool Preview here.

- Peter's Preview to the 2018 Course - (pdf)


"No. B.S."!

Q. Okay, so what are the costs? What's it take to start up and keep going?

   Realistic Costs to start up and keep going:  

  • Business Phone—check the cost in your area.
  • Private mail box (not a P.O. Box—I explain why in the course.)  
  • High speed Internet, of course. (You probably already have this.)  
  • Sign up for Databases—about $75-$100 one time charge. You need at least one professional database to find judgments and look for assets. A database is like the tools a car mechanic uses. You can't be in business without at least one. (For the Pro page, for more info.)  
  • Ongoing use of Databases— these are important!. Plan on around $200 or more each month for these. A little more once you have some money coming in. Without these databases you will have a very difficult time being successful and waste a lot of time look for cases at the court. PLEASE trust me on that.  
  • Maybe advertising on Google or elsewhere ($100 a month at least). (Don't use the Yellow Pages! I explain why in the course.) 
  • Ongoing JR Education –this will vary. But it's essential if you want to be a real professional.   
  • Misc office costs --stamps, envelopes, good printer, etc.  

   Frankly (no B.S.), if these costs are too much for you, then you are not yet ready to start any business. If you were opening a restaurant or Lube & Tune, you would be paying around $500K just for start up and $10-40K a month overhead. Even starting a simple flower stand on a street corner would cost more than the JR business—just to build the stand and buy new flowers every day!      So, it's best not to start unless you have these minimum resources. Or, start with the right info for 2018, and then follow and learn on the forum until you have the money.  Again, this is a profession. You must be professional and do it right.       

  But also remember that your costs are tax deductible—including the course. You can write off computer purchases, Internet fees, and all related office materials you get for your business. You can also deduct for your office space, electricity, etc.—in proportion to the rent or mortgage you are already paying. And, after you're up and going, you won't have the cost of the regular daily commute, and other auto expenses. That's a big saver too. 

Q. Can I make a 100K in this business?

Peter: There are a number of businesses where you can make a 100K or more -. if you have the knowledge, do it right, and work hard. This business really is certainly no different, except it's less expensive to start. 

Some people make a lot. Some don't make anything because they spin their wheels on crummy judgments. 

A big key is to know how to ID the good judgments. 

Got more questions?

Q. What if I want to start part time? Do you recommend that?

I think everyone I know in this business started part time. Me too. I was a teacher.

Q. What kinds of things do I need to know to be successful?


Peter:  Every business has its steps to success. Here are the ones you must have to know to be successful in this business.

  •   How to locate judgments efficiently (There are 4 ways)
  •   How to screen out worthless judgments so you're not wasting time    and money when the defendant is broke and on mom's couch or is in  jail or something else. You want the "better debtor." 
  •   How to actually enforce the judgments -Step by Step- by placing liens,   levying or  garnishing  property & wages. and more.
  •   How to handle complications.  (Yes there can be complications.)  

Oh, and you also need a friendly online Forum where you can ask questions and get good answers from a dozen long-time professionals.   See below about the support I offer.

Q. Do you offer support?

Absolutely. I have an online Forum with additional lessons, info by state, and questions and answers from other top JR's in the field, including attorneys and investigators.  It's really a huge support.

Q. If I start, what will I be thinking about the business in 3 months?

Peter: You'll be thinking that it's harder than you thought, and more interesting than you thought. 

Q. Why should I believe your Course is the best?

  •  Peter:  Just as this site is the most informative you'll see, so is my Course. I lay it all out there to help everyone. My Course is the most comprehensive and reader friendly. Also....
  • I'm a straight-shooter about what this business takes.
  • And,, my Judgment Recovery Course really is Step-by-Step.  It says, to garnish wages - Step one: Do this.  Step two: Do this. Next step: Do this.  People love it.  
  •  I also provide the latest and most effect business model.  Others are still using the model from the '90s.  Also, I try to anticipate all the questions new people may have, and problems they may encounter. It's really the course I wish I had when I started.  AND my updated 2016 Course shows more ways to locate judgments Online.
  • My support is the best as well.  My Proboards Mentoring Forum has top people on it from across the country. You want to have the knowledge to make the work so much easier. 
  •  Oh, yeah, and I'm actually in this business.  Me. I'm not a marketeer. I know that others claim to be in the business or suggest that they are, but have never been, or haven't been in the business for more than a decade. 

Q. How could I know if someone else with a course is really in the business?

Peter: Ask them to email you a copy of a recent court document. It's a public record, so it shouldn't be a problem. (I'll add that probably half of the people who get my course already had another, and took my $50 discount so they could go farther.) 

Wow! More Questions, More Answers.

Q. You mean I can get a discount?

Peter: If you already have another course by someone else, and aren't satisfied and want to go farther, then yes. See the Order Now place below.

Q. Can people call you for help?

 Peter: Yes of course. But first I ask that everyone put their question out on the Support Group Forum.  That way, everyone can learn from everyone's questions. Besides myself, I have about a dozen of the top JR people in the country helping.  It's not "beginners helping beginners" like I had when I started. In short: YOU HAVE MY SUPPORT.  

Q. So, how much could I make the first year?

Peter: Everyone asks this question. The truthful answer is that you could make a lot, or you could make zero.  It all depends on the 1) quality of the judgments you take, 2) how much you know, and 3) how hard you work.  
      Consider this: If someone was thinking of opening a restaurant and asked you how much they might make in the first year, you would probably tell them that it depends on the quality of the food, the location of the restaurant, the atmosphere, and so on.
      It's the same with the JR business. How much you make depends on the quality of the judgments you accept, your knowledge of the business, and how hard you work. Now, let's say you are only working part-time as a Judgment Recovery Specialist. (Most people start part time) You have used the information and resources I provide in this Course to locate the debtors, locate most of their places of employment or their banks, and other assets.  Don't plan on big money right away. You wouldn't expect that if you were a welder or computer repair person. You wouldn't expect that if you fixed cars or remodeled homes.  

Tell me more about your forum.

I have an online Forum with some of the best people in the country. 

It's at JRSpecialists.ProBoards.com. 

Members ask and answer questions, 

We think through isues and problems,

There are lessons on Jump Starting your Business, 

and tons of new JR info about your state.

Some say this really is the best part of the course, 

because you can talk to me an others too. 

If you don't get your answers, or aren't sure, yes, you can give me a call too. 


Even More Answers! (With no B.S.)

Q. Okay, I'm thinking of getting into this business. But do I ever have to meet the debtor face to face?

 Peter: Sometimes, yes. It is possible that there will be a court appearance under certain circumstances, and the debtor will likely appear. I've also met debtors, at their request, at Starbucks and places like that to work out a settlement.  Mostly they are friendly and just embarrassed about the judgment.  But if you don't feel comfortable with this, then this is not the business for you.  It's not for everyone. 

Q. I've heard about buying liens. Do you do that?

 Peter:  I have a number of liens across the country, and I know that courses are sold about how to do that. But the courses I've seen do not cover the important homestead exemptions, the effect of a lien in bankruptcy and how to defeat it, and how to calculate real equity in the property. Nor do they cover the difference between types of homesteads and different ways the property can be held. That's covered in my Step-by-Step Course. It's not as easy as marketeers make it seem. Nothing is as easy as marketeers make it seem. But I think you already know that. 

Q. Do you supply all forms?

Peter: Almost all the forms are already on line at your towns courthouse website.

More Questions & Answers

Q. Why does your course cost a little more than some other courses?

 Peter:  Because I put much more into it and you'll get more out of it.. Because it's the best. Because I'm actually in this business.  Because I'm someone who is in the business and can be the best mentor. And if you follow my program, you'll make more money sooner than with any other course. I'm not going to apologize for it being a bit more. It really is the course I wish I had when I started.   

Q. But other courses also claim to be the best. How do I really know that yours really is the best?

 Peter:  Call them with your questions.  Or email them. Ask them if they are really in this business, and ask them to show you their latest "assignment of judgment."  It's a public record.  And, if another course offers a money back guarantee too, get both and do your own comparison. Keep the one you want, and get your refund from th 

Q. Can I call your customer support to talk to someone?

 I'm the only customer support I have!  Me. Only me. No sales people. You want to have the right information from someone who is actually in this business. My office number is 619.758.3552. If I'm out of the office,  I'll call you right back.

Q. Okay, so what do I do now?

Peter: You can go order below, or go to the Order Now page. Be sure to take the discount if you already have someone else's course.

Or, call me if you like: 619.758.3552.

And please be well.

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