Peter Gilboy

Hi. I'm Peter Gilboy. I'm a real person, really in the JR Business.

I'm not anonymous. You can see me and my family here.

I've been in the JR Business for 17 years. I've taught others for 12 years.

You can call me with any questions you have, or email me. 

I'm happy to send you a 2018 Preview too.

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Just the Facts, Please.

The Community

 The Judgment Recovery business is fascinating. But it is also  a much needed service to every community.

That's the secret to business success -- finding a niche that is common sense, interesting, and doable, as well as meeting your community's needs

What We Do

  • We locate court money judgments online or at the courthouse, ones that haven't been paid -3K to 100K's  
  • We find that doable judgments in our area.
  • We 'take assignment' on the judgment, meaning that it's transferred to us.
  • We enforce it for a good percentage - usually 50%- and get our money, and then pay the plaintiff.

Why would I get 50%?

I know it seems like a lot, at first. But the fact is that the regular person doesn't know how to enforce a judgment. That's not their field. It's our field. Just like you go to the mechanic and the doctor because that's their field, this one is ours.  And, we're worth it.  

Is this just another get rich quick scheme?

No. You've seen sites that shout, "I made 5K my first month!"  Hmmm.  Well, it's the Internet, after all. You know that. Lots of B.S. out there. The truth is that this is a real profession, and a good one. Lots to learn, for sure. And yes, great opportunities for making good money.





What's the Key?

The key is not to waste your time or money.   You want good judgments, and you want to know how to find them and enforce them.

You want to be able to screen out the judgments against the druggees and the guys on mom's couch. 

1. I show how to find them, 

2. I show you how to know if they're any good 

3. I show you the best ways to enforce them. 

Can I do this anywhere?

Some states are really super. Feel free to email me (below) and I'll tell you about your state, and send you a 20 page Preview, too. 

But, some states have restrictions, and I recommend not working this business there.  FL, TX, VA, NJ, and MI come to mind.  

Let me know where you are, 

and I'll tell you what I think. .

Good states include: CA, OR, NY, MO, GA, to name a few.




Tired of B.S.? Not sure your getting the real facts?

Before reading further, try my NO B.S. page.  There's a lot out there, as you probably already know.

Peter, can you say more about the Keys to this business?

Of course. Let me give you an example.

You and I go to the auto mechanic because we don't know how to fix

 something in the engine. The mechanic has knowledge and the tools.  

That's why he or she is successful. 

The general public doesn't have the knowledge 

or the tools to enforce judgments. 

We don't either, when we start.  So, 

1) our business must be set up right,

 2) we must be able to identify the good judgments 

from the bad ones,

3) we must to know how to to get judgments

 into our names, and 

4) we have to know the steps to enforcing each of them.

When I look at a judgment, I say to myself:

"Which of these 6 enforcement methods will work?

Lien. Levy. Garnishment. Till tap. Keeper. Assignment order.

Oh! he has a job! I'll do a wage garnishment.

Oh! he has property! I'll do a lien.

Oh! he has a business!  I'll use a till tap or keeper.

Oh! he's an independent contractor! I'll use an assignment order.

And so on.

That's what I mean by right knowledge.

And remember: If he has nothing, you make nothing.

No assets = no money for you.

So, turn down the crummy judgments

Take the good ones.

And, the tools:

We have to locate assets, to know if the judgment is doable. 

Again: No assets = no money for us.

So, we use one or more of the professional databases 

that private investigators use. 

These are not available to the public. 

What are they?

IRB Search, TracersInfo, Delvepoint, and the others.

Here's the point:

You cannot be successful in this business without one of these!

It would be like buying a car without driving it.

It would be like buying a home without checking it out.

It would be like a blind date. (Ugh. We know how those go.)


You don't want to waste your time or money!

Get set up right. 

Find the good judgments

Know how to enforce them.

-Yes, that's what my course is for, and my support to you-

Other questions? See right below.

(Oh,! and if you haven't seen my No. B.S. page, please do.) 

Ask me about your state.

Or anything else. Yes, I respond right away

And, I'll send you a 20-Page Preview, too.

Or call. 619.758.3552

Peter Gilboy's Step-by-Step Course for 2018